"sorry we just peed on mars!"
Hi ! I am Mélanie, and my life has been ruined by Paramore. Hope you're doing good, enjoy my blog ! I might also reblog some posts about Linkin Park, The Maine, All Time Low, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Kristen Stewart and more lately games such as Assassin's Creed, The Last Of Us, Bioshock Infinite and more. And by the way I was in-the-mourning-ill-rise
do u have tumblr?

A little help



Hi followers! Some of you may know a Paramore blogger here - paradaydreaming

The thing is that I’m afraid he’s going to do something horrible to himself. As a proof check out his latest posts. I tried to message him but he doesn’t answer. If you could think of any help or at least message him, it would be great.

Hi this is so important !!!

deadallisonargent replied to your post“i made text posts today and lost 3 followers ok no more text posts …”

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that’s nice you’re cute but i think otherwise
i still love you all tho



How is Hayley’s hair not fried up after years of dyeing(?) And bleaching?! Her hair looks so fucking healthy. It looks so bouncy and shiny and stuff…. like….. how?!?!?


this guy

yes! everytime Hayley gets a new haircut i always congrats him on twitter cause he often does all the work (including her make up) and his work is just awesome! all hail mister brian!


Finding a typo in a book